Counselling services for care-giving relatives

Counselling services for care-giving relatives

New perspectives. Clarity. Orientation.

Our counselling helps you

  • to find new perspectives and ways of looking at things
  • to reorientate yourself through informative conversations
  • to recharge your batteries
  • to restore family balance

Counselling is available by telephone, at our service centres, as video counselling or, under certain circumstances, at your home.

Our counselling services are free of charge. Voluntary donations are requested.

Servicestelle für pflegende Angehörige

Psychosocial Counselling

We listen to you.

Caring for relatives often means being there around the clock and not being able to get away. In the process, you find yourself neglected and often lose social contact to the outside world.

We will be happy to help you in a confidential counselling session to find new ways of looking at things and ways out if

  •  family conflicts arise as a result of caregiving,
  •  the relationship with the cared-for relative is strained,
  •  there seems to be no way out,
  •  you feel burnt out.

The psychosocial counselling offers a confidential counselling session for caring relatives.

Online Counselling

Are you caring for or looking after someone close to you? Your situation troubles you and you would like to formulate your request in peace, perhaps read it again later? 

There are situations in which it is easier to formulate a request in writing. Tell us what is on your mind or what is bothering you. We will take time for your request!

Our Online Counselling

  • offers orientation and information (also at the beginning of care situations)
  • is confidential and free of charge
  • is carried out by a multi-professional team (counsellors from different professions)

Your information is treated as strictly confidential and can only be read by our team. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you wish, we can also contact you by telephone.
Important: Online counselling does not replace a counselling interview. Our professional staff will conduct the counselling to the best of their knowledge and belief. No liability is assumed for possible consequences arising from the counselling.

We are also happy to provide you with our personal, telephone and video counselling.

Video Counselling

Caring for relatives often means having to be there around the clock and not being able to leave!

There are always situations that do not allow for personal counselling in the offices of the Service Centres for Family Caregivers, e.g. 

  • the person being cared for cannot be left alone.
  • there is no substitute care.
  • travelling to a counselling centre would take too much time.
  • there are concerns about infection

Then take advantage of our psychosocial counselling service in the form of Video Counselling.

Simply call us to make an appointment for counselling. We are also happy to support you with the technical challenges to enable video counselling.

All you need is a laptop with a camera, a smartphone or a tablet with a stable internet connection.