Retirement Homes

Our care philosophy

Holistic care
The physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our residents is our main focus. We offer a contemporary quality of care in the sense of holistic care, which is oriented towards the biographies, the capabilities and the needs of the residents.

Self-determined life
We respect the uniqueness of our residents based on their individual life stories and respond to their individual needs. We attach great importance to promoting and maintaining the independence of our residents as far as possible and to providing help and support where it is needed.

A feeling of homeliness in the residential group
Due to the small living groups, the residents can expect family-like structures. The residents live in single rooms, and they can take some of their own furniture with them and thus design their living space individually. Each residential group has large common areas, a small kitchen and several niches that invite you to linger.

"...we cultivate humanity..."

Residential Home St. Anna, Linz

We offer our residents contemporary living and professional care. A wide range of services and a friendly, bright house with lots of greenery make St. Anna a home worth living in.

  • 86 single rooms with private shower, WC and view of the garden, in six manageable family-style living areas
  • You can bring your own furniture
  •  Outdoor terrace and garden with biotope
  • Mass is celebrated twice a week in the house chapel
  •  Hairdresser and chiropody in the house
  • At lunchtime there is a choice of three freshly prepared menus
  • "Rooming in" - overnight accommodation for relatives
    Through "Rooming in" we want to enable you to be close to your relative in difficult life situations.
  • Anna Stub'n
    Three times a week, the "Anna Stub'n" invites residents with dementia. Common activities such as memory training, singing and making music, baking, card and chess games, creative design, etc. are on the program.
  • Everyday assistance
    We offer additional support for private errands outside the facility. For example, visits to the cemetery, short walks, trips to the bank, doctors...

Seniorenwohnhaus St. Anna

Retirement Home Karl Borromäus, Linz

A professional team of employees looks after the well-being of the senior citizens around the clock. In addition, a range of activities and services are offered that contribute to the quality of life in the senior citizens' residence.

  • 120 individually designable rooms
  • garden and roof terrace
  • A wide range of activities such as making music together, reading, gymnastics and memory training
  • Hairdresser and chiropodist come to the house regularly
  • 3 freshly prepared menus to choose from at lunchtime
  • Free choice of doctor
  • Physiotherapy daily in the house
  • Everyday assistance
    We offer additional support for private errands outside the facility. For example, visits to the cemetery, short walks, trips to the bank, doctors...
  • Long-term respiratory care
    In the Karl Borromäus Senior Citizens' Residence in Linz, we offer people with severe respiratory problems a living space in a friendly atmosphere - as an alternative to intensive care. This living area has 8 places. Thus, the greatest possible approximation to a normal way of life can be made possible in a familiar ambience.

Seniorenwohnhaus Karl Borromäus

Retirement Home Schloss Hall, Bad Hall

We attach great importance to professional and human competence. Our diverse range of services gives living with us a special quality.

  • 106 single rooms and one flat for two people, each with shower and WC
  • freshly prepared menus and dietary food at the daily buffet
  • Close to the centre, right next to the parish church; the spa gardens and town centre are only a 5-minute walk away.
  • House chapel with weekly mass and pastoral care on request
  • Terraces and a beautiful inner courtyard
  • Cafeteria in the house
  • Chiropody and hairdresser weekly in the house
  • Short-term Care
    7 short-term Care places in single rooms . Are you looking for a temporary care place, for example during a holiday or illness of the caregiver? Would you like to try out living in a senior citizens' residence? You still need support after a stay in hospital? You can temporarily live in our "short-term care" for up to three months. 
  • K.u.r.+
    Are you looking after or caring for a relative at home and have problems with your musculoskeletal system? A stay at a spa would do you good, but you can't devote yourself to your own health without knowing that your relative is close by? K.u.r.+ offers you a spa stay at the Vitana Spa Hotel in Bad Hall, while your family member receives the best possible care at the Caritas Schloss Hall Senior Citizens' Residence - just a few minutes' walk from you.

  • SHG+ pilot project
    The SHG+ pilot project has been operating in Schloss Hall since autumn 2014. 32 people with impairments aged 50 and over who need care can find a home in Schloss Hall.

Seniorenwohnhaus Schloss Hall

Linzer Straße 1

4540 Bad Hall

Retirement Home St. Bernhard, Engelhartszell

We offer 30 elderly people a home to feel comfortable in. We attach great importance not only to professionally and personally competent staff, but also to a wide range of services that give living a special quality.

  • 30 single rooms with shower, WC, in two family-style residential groups
  • You can bring your own furniture
  • Two freshly prepared menus and dietary meals are available for lunch and dinner
  • Attractive inner courtyard with seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers, as well as an outdoor terrace for relaxation
  • quiet location at Engelhartszell Abbey
  • weekly masses in the collegiate church
  • Hairdresser, chiropody and massage in the house
  • Free choice of doctor

Seniorenwohnhaus St. Bernhard

Stiftstraße 8

4090 Engelhartszell